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Do you want to choose a gift on a birth list at Paradisio or Seizoenswinkel? Make sure you keep the child's name and date of birth at hand, because you will need it to obtain access to the birth list.

The first name, as indicated on the birth announcement
Date of birth as indicated on the birth announcement (format DD/MM/YYYY)

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Do you have a birth list at Paradisio or Seizoenswinkel and do want to manage it? Your client number and list number will allow you to log on using the form below.

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Discover the many benefits of opening a birth list at Paradisio and Seizoenswinkel

Birth list at Paradisio Ghent

At Paradisio and Seizoenswinkel, the largest collection of baby bedrooms is always well-organised on display. We also offer a wide range of strollers, buggies, high chairs, cots, car seats, travel beds and so much more. In short, we are there for every taste and for everyone's budget!

Our trained staff will be happy to assist you with expert advice. If you wish, you can make an appointment and get personalised assistance during a guided tour preparing your birth list. Of course you are also free to compile your list at your own pace. Our advisors are always available if you require more information about any of our items.

Once you have selected all the goodies you require, we will register the lot and give you an overview . This list including photos can also be viewed online. You get the necessary number of cards to join to your own birth announcements. These include our addresses, opening hours, telephone numbers and website.

Once your birth list is completed, we will reward you with a voucher worth 10% of the total of purchased items (except for special offers and promotions). The value of everything purchased is also included in the turnover of your loyalty card. In addition, your little one gets a nice present!

Frequently asked questions

We recommend you to compile your birth list around the sixth month of your pregnancy. If the delivery is planned during July or August, we would advise you to visit us a month earlier. Make an appointment in time if you prefer personalised assistance.

We advise you to close your birth list around two months after birth.

You can always add or remove items from your birth list. All you need to do is to phone or email our store!

Attention! Seasonal clothing, promotions and items specifically ordered for your birth list (e.g. strollers and baby bedrooms) cannot be cancelled!

After closing your birth list, we take back the unselected items. Please note that seasonal clothing, promotions and items specifically ordered for your birth list (including strollers and baby bedrooms) cannot be cancelled.

Fortunately, it rarely happens, but sometimes pregnancies can end unexpectedly. In such a case, we take back all the purchased items without any problem (if they are in unused condition).

As soon as your child is born, you can share your birth list with family and friends!

You can do this yourself by logging in to your birth list, where you can fill in the name and date of birth of your child.

You can also phone our email our store and we will make sure that your birth list is being shared.

Items from a birth list can be purchased in different ways: in one of our stores, by telephone or online. The items are always kept in the shop where your birth list was submitted. Your family and friends can make their choice from your list using our touch screens. If they like to do so, they can take the gift with them immediately.

It is always possible to consult your birth list in our other stores. In this case the gifts can be paid by bank transfer or credit card. The same goes for telephone and online reservations. You can then take the chosen items with you. We will of course give you a call when there are new gifts waiting for you!

When you create your birth list, it is put online immediately. As a parent you can log in. As soon as you notify us that your child is born, your friends and family will also obtain access to your birth list.

With your online birth list goes a unique mini website that you can personalise further. You can even create and send an online birth announcement. The first pictures of your baby can also be put online very easily.

The birth list is up-to-date at any time, so you always keep an overview of who bought what items.

Family and friends can log in with the name and date of birth of your little one. In addition to choosing a gift, they can also leave a message in your guest book.

If you are expecting a child, you need a lot of baby items. In order to help you to compile your birth list, we have created a handy checklist (printable too).

Your complete wish list may also contain some more expensive items. To enable your friends and family to purchase these, you can put gift vouchers as an option on the birth list. The value of this voucher can then be determined by the buyer. Tip: a Paradisio gift voucher can also be spent in our other departments.

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We are happy to guide you through our baby department and give you helpful advice about the baby items you will need soon. Send us your personal details by filling in the contact form and one of our employees will call or email you as soon as possible to arrange an appointment.

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